Frequently Asked Questions

How is it done? By using our tried and tested and very simple no-mess impression putty, It literally takes a moment to take the impression. Each impression kit comes with full instructions, with clear images to follow, and there is enough impression putty to take one or two nose impressions depending on the size of your pet.

Won't it suffocate my dog? Absolutely not! The impression putty won't go up into the nostrils, and it's only on for a second. Your dog will not find it stressful and he probably won't even register what you just did!   Our dogs do not flinch at the sight of the putty (and they know exactly what's coming next) they do, however, dread the claw clippers so they are very normal dogs!

What about cats? We have 3 cats and have taken their nose prints lots of times and they are not bothered in the slightest (which surprised us too!) Cats are wiser than dogs though, and you may only get the one chance before they scoot out of the cat flap.

What metals do you work with for Snozzas? We work with Bronze and Silver but we may be introducing other metals, such as Steel, in the future. Please note that we are not taking new orders for Bronze Snozzas at the moment due to an issue with the casting process. When this is resolved they will be put back on the website.

Will different metals give different results? We use sterling silver and cold cast bronze for our Pet Snozzas and both metals will show every tiny detail that was in the impression in the finished Snozza. Bronze gives a larger more impressive Snozza and are even more detailed, they are also are not priced by weight. Silver Snozzas are sold by weight and are simply stunning in this precious metal,

How life-like will my Silver Snozza be?  We work directly from the impression you take and the finished Snozza will show all the detail you have captured in the impression. We will not work with an impression that does not resemble a dog's (or cat's nose) when we receive it. If we receive an impression that we cannot work with, we will let you know so you can consider your options. TIP Take a photograph of the your Snozza impression, open the image in Photoshop, then "invert" the colours by pressing CTRL and I together (ctrl + I). It will then be easier for you to see what your impression is likely to look like when it is cast in metal. If you are not sure, please take a photo and send it to us.

What is the cost? Prices vary according to the size of your pet, and whether you choose bronze or silver. Bronze Snozzas are priced for dogs and cats of any size and are considerably cheaper than Silver.

Can you stamp on both sides of the Dogeared I.D. Pendants/Disks? We are only able to stamp one side of the disk as we hand hammer the letters and we have to give it quite a thump to get a nice deep impression.  Sometimes there will be a bump on the reverse of the letter which means we could spoll the disk by stamping both sides.

How will my silver Dogeared Pet I.D. be presented? We will attach a strong nickle plated spilt ring to your disk so that it is ready to attach to your dog's collar.

How will my silver Dogeared I.D. Necklace be presented if I don't order a chain? Your pendant will arrive with a sterling silver jump ring so that you can slip your pendant onto your own chain.


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