The Story of Snozza

Snozza's partner company, Fingerprint Jewellery Ltd, is the UK's leading silver keepsake company specialising in precious silver keepsakes, capturing children's hand, finger and footprints for families. We are proud to lead the market with our designs which are available to order from our website and also in branches of John Lewis.

How did we come up with the idea of Snozza? Like many people, our pets are very much part of our family and we share our home and studio with Mabel, our adorable Hungarian Puli. Before Mabel, we had Poppy (also a Puli) who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly one morning at the age of 14. We were heart broken and all we had to remember her by was empty collar and a well worn and grubby lead. Not having something special to remember Poppy by has always been something I have regretted. Mabel

When we got Mabel in 2007 I wanted to make sure I had something that would eventually become a precious keepsake. Knowing that a dog's nose is as unique as a human's fingerprint, I tried taking her nose print with the really soft medical quality non-toxic impression putty that we use for taking babies' fingerprints. It was a very simple process, and Mabel didn't mind at all. I cast the impression in silver, and also in bronze, and the results were amazing! Soon, I was taking private commissions for friends and acquaintances across the country, and overseas too!

Snozza gets such a fantastic reaction from dog lovers everywhere, and it has been their encouragement and enthusiasm that has convinced me to finally launch Snozza to everyone. My customers say that they have lovely keepsakes of their children who we expect to long outlive us but nothing for our pets, who are not. One customer described her dog's Snozza as "unique, quirky but oh so recognisably his!" which I think sums up a Snozza very well indeed!

Mabel has her own facebook page if you would like to see more photos of her, and see the antics she gets up to. She is not only our much loved pet at home she also comes to work with me every day at the Snozza/FingerPrint Jewellery Studio. If ever you need to ring us you will probably hear her barking at her toys (and the couriers) in the background!


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