Cat Snozza Impression Kit

Cat Snozza Impression Kit
Cat Snozza Impression Kit Cat Snozza Impression Kit
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Price: £10.00

If you want to take your pet's nose print before placing your actual order, then this is what you need.

Our Snozza Impression Kit contains a safe, non-toxic, no-mess impression putty; enough to take two or three impressions, depending on the size of your pet!

Also included are an instruction leaflet and a pre-paid return envelope, for you to send the impressions back to us.

It only takes a second to take the impression and there should be no distress caused to your pet.

Please let us know the name of your cat in the text box below.

If you would like to have more attempts, replacement impression kits can be ordered at a reduced price. Details how to re-order will be included with your impression kit.

Once you have an impression for us to work from, you can place your order for your Snozza here!

Your Snozza Impression Kit will be sent first class today if ordered by 2pm, or next working day if ordered after 2pm or at weekends.

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